As a user, why does my lesson show as incomplete (95%) after I looked at all the pages?

As a user, why does my lesson show as incomplete (95%) after I looked at all the pages?

Remember that you need to take both the pre-assessment (if the pre-assessment was purchased) and post assessment as well as view every page in a lesson to be marked as complete.

In the example below for Jimmy Brown, notice that Lesson 2 shows 95% complete. When clicking on the lesson, it shows that Jimmy even took the post assessment. However, Jimmy did not take the pre-assessment. He will not receive 100% completion for the lesson until both the pre & post assessments have been submitted and all pages have been viewed. Below are the details of the example.  

Go to My Reports > 5th Grade: I Believe (Rv4) > Lesson 2: The Trinity
This page shows the list of lessons and status.  Lesson 2 does not have 100% completion, but you know that all of the pages have a green checkmark indicating that they have been viewed.  Clicking on Show at next to the status as indicated by the red box will give you a toast message letting you know that something is not complete at a high level. It also gives you a deeper look at Jimmy's progress.

Clicking Show you will see a drill-down for just the selected user (Jimmy in this case).  At the end of this row, you will click on the View button under the Assessment

This shows that Jimmy has completed the post assessment, but not the pre-assessment.  To reach 100% completion, Jimmy needs to log into the system, go to Lesson 2, and complete the pre-assessment.  Once that has been done, Jimmy will be 100% complete. 

Assessments are not scored if you don’t submit your answers. Do not use the left and right arrows on the assessment page until your answers have been submitted and you see the blue scoring box.

Watch the tutorial video

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