As a User Admin, where do I manage class enrollment?

As a User Admin, where do I manage class enrollment?

Once classes have been purchased for your group, they are available for you to manage.  In some cases, you may need to update the enrollment of your classes – assign users to seats, buy more seats for a class, etc.   (See the Self-Serve User Guide – 2019 for detailed information). 


User administrators for the group will see a Manage Classes widget on the My View dashboard where they can see if there are classes to manage.  If no classes are available, they can visit the store to make a purchase. 

  1. Shows the number of open seats that can be managed
  2. Manage Seats button allows the user to access the Seat Management page to assign users to class seats. 
  3. Shows the total number of classes. 
  4. Shows the name of the class (which is editable).
  5. Shows the order number associated with the class. 
  6. Shows the number of open seats (if any) remaining to be assigned. 
  7. Click to add more open seats to a class.  Clicking <Add Seats> will open the store with the class selected to allow the user to purchase more seats.  If a class isn’t shown here, that means no seats have been purchased.  Go to the Store to purchase seats for a new class. 
  8. Click to assign users to open seats.  See below for adding users to open seats.  
  9. Shows the name and other information for each user assigned to the class.  

If no classes have been purchased or created for this group, the button on the dashboard will be labeled Visit Store.  Once classes exist, the button will show the label Manage Seats.

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