As a user, where can I find my class?

As a user, where can I find my class?

In addition to seeing all of your classes on the Dashboard, they are also listed on your Learn page. Follow the steps below to begin,  continue, or review a class: 

It is always a good idea to double-check to ensure you are in the correct account and course.  Some families have students sharing the same computer.  Check the username in the upper right corner as well as the name of the class on the dashboard and/or Learn page. 
  1. Click the Learn menu in the top navigation. This page shows a snapshot of your progress across all your classes.
  2. These tabs give you a quick overview of the classes you are working on or have completed.  Click one of the tabs to see the class(es) that fall into that category.
  3. Click the class name to navigate to your class page and see a list of lessons (chapters).  When you put your cursor on the class, you will see Begin/Continue/Review. 

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