What is My Catholic Faith Delivered?

What is My Catholic Faith Delivered?

My Catholic Faith Delivered (MCFD) is an award-winning cloud-based learning & development platform that enriches our faith by removing barriers to learning. Partnered with Ignatius Press, MCFD provides the Online Faith & Life Series for religious education students in grades 1-8. Faith & Life has been found in conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church by the Subcommittee on the Catechism, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.


Students access the same course material online that is traditionally delivered in books. Materials are "brought to life" with the addition of videos, games, music, and assessments that provide immediate feedback. These courses may be offered in a "flipping the classroom" format where the traditional in class work of reading the text and completing written assignments are done at home. This allows teachers to focus class meeting time on reinforcing activities where the students can put their learning into practice.



  1. Provide more flexibility - students can access their courses anytime, anywhere on any device. 
  2. Allow students to stay current if they miss a class.
  3. Make learning about the faith more engaging by using videos, music, games, links to references, collaboration, and more
  4. Allow teachers to spend class time doing interactive or social activities to reinforce the learning objectives      
  5. Parents can monitor progress



  1. High-quality content from a trusted Catholic publisher
  2. Engaging content with videos, games, and other activities
  3. Voiceovers for text
  4. Instant test results
  5. Opening & closing prayers
  6. Links to primary resources
  7. Supplementary readings
  8. iPad and tablet compatible

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