What does the enrollment process for a student user look like?

What does the enrollment process for a student user look like?

After a student has been enrolled in a course, the parent/secondary user will begin receiving emails from the My Catholic Faith Delivered system. These will come from the address: admin@mycatholicfaithdelivered.com. Please make sure to let your parents/secondary users know to add this email to their trusted senders' list to ensure that any communication is not accidentally labeled as spam.

 Note: No direct communication is emailed between teachers and students. Usernames are created the following emails are sent to parents/secondary users. 
  1.       Login Reminder: This email will be sent when the login is been created. It will contain a student login and a temporary password.
  2.       New Class Enrollment: The email below is the class enrollment information. Students will receive this once they have been added to an active class. It will contain the name of the class and steps to start their learning.
  3.       Progress Reminder: This email (shown below) will be sent by the instructor or parish/school admin to remind students to continue their progress in a particular lesson.

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