As a User, how do I unlock my account?

As a User, how do I unlock my account?

For security reasons after a certain number of failed login attempts, an account will be locked. If this happens, you can use the Reset Password/Unlock Account link to unlock your account and reset your password.
To access Reset Password/Unlock Account, go to the login page and find the link below the Login button.

*See the comments below the Login button.  You must use your child's user name in the Email field - not the parent/guardian email to access the child's account.  This information is supplied on the Welcome email that each child receives.  Please contact your school/parish administrator if you have not received a login email.  

*To protect privacy, children's' accounts have fictitious email addresses usually generated by the system. Use these email addresses to log into the child's account.  A Parent/Secondary email address is used as the email address point of contact on children's accounts. Contact your school/parish administrator for more information.

 A popup window will display allowing you to enter an email address (child's username).  The system uses this email address to send an email to the address associated with the locked account.  This email will contain a link to create a new password.  

A confirmation popup informs you that the email is being sent.

An email will be sent to the Parent/Secondary email address for users under 13.  The email will come from and contain a link that you will need to copy and then paste into a new browser tab. 

Start at the "https" and copy the rest of that line.  Don't include the word "Link". 

A page will popup allowing you to enter and confirm a new password.  For security purposes, this password must include:
  1. At least 2 letters
  2. At least 1 number
  3. Between 7 and 20 characters
  4. Have at least one special symbol - #$%^&*@!~ are acceptable characters
  5. The New Password and Confirm Password must match.  
You will be alerted if any of these requirements need to be met.  When you have created and confirmed a new password that meets the requirements, click on Submit.  

The Parent/Secondary email listed in the user's profile will receive an email confirming the success of the password update. 

Once this email has been received, the user can log in to the system using the newly created password.  

Watch the Tutorial

If you are still having problems please open up a new support ticket, call us at 1-866-981-8964, or email us at

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