How do I get my parish/school started?

How do I get my parish/school started?

          Getting Started Steps

1. Register your parish/school
‚ÄčYou will be sent a login as the User Admin of your Parish or School. CLICK TO REGISTER 

2. Log in at My Catholic Faith Delivered CLICK TO LOGIN 

3. Purchase seats for each grade 
Click the Visit Store button on your Dashboard to begin purchasing seats per grade level.

4. Add students to their classes 
Creating accounts and adding students is easy: WATCH VIDEO TUTORIAL

5. Add Instructors to each class 
Create and add Instructor accounts per class for free. WATCH VIDEO TUTORIAL

6. Track progress by class and student 
Real-time reports are available to track student progress and growth. WATCH VIDEO TUTORIAL 

7. Send email updates to parents 
Emails can also be sent to parents from the system to keep everyone up-to-date. WATCH VIDEO TUTORIAL 

8. Create online class discussions 
Catechists can start class discussions and threads per grade. WATCH VIDEO TUTORIAL 

PRO TIP:  For more in-depth information, click here to download the full User Admin Guide.  You can also visit the Resource Library to access a wealth of additional resources. 

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