How can I ensure I am in the right course?

How can I ensure I am in the right course?

In cases where multiple students use the same computer, it is extremely important for the users to ensure they are working in the right course.  This is particularly important for families that share a computer for multiple children.  Some ways to ensure your student is in their correct account are:

  1. As the student logs into the system, double-check that the username is correct in the username field.  The browser may hold the last username.  

  1. Once the student has logged in, look in the upper right corner of the page and ensure the right name is displayed.  

  1. Ensure that each user updates the default password to something unique to them.

  1. A window will popup allowing you to enter and confirm a new password.  For security purposes, this password must include:
  1. At least 2 letters
  2. At least 1 number
  3. Between 7 and 20 characters
  4. Have at least one special symbol - #$%^&*@!~ are acceptable characters
  5. The New Password and Confirm Password must match. 
  1. You will be alerted if any of these requirements need to be met.  When you have created and confirmed a new password that meets the requirements, click on Submit

  1. The Parent/Secondary email listed in the user's profile will receive an email confirming the success of the password update.   

  1. Once this email has been received, the user can log in to the system using the newly created password.  

  1. Double-check the name of the course to be sure you are in the correct course.  Look at the Dashboard and/or the Learn page to be sure the right course is selected.   

  1. Each user should log out every time they finish a session and before the next student starts to work.

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