As a catechist/instructor, how can I create and manage online collaborations?

As a catechist/instructor, how can I create and manage online collaborations?

You may want to start online discussions with your class. Note that students are only allowed to post responses to new threads. To add a new thread, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Collaborate menu and select Collaboration.
  2. Click the Class Threads button. This will show the current discussion threads for your classes.
  3. Click the Start a New Thread button.
  4. Select your class using the dropdown menu.
  5. Enter a subject and text.
  6. You can upload content, such as a document, or use social media in your thread by clicking the buttons below your post. For social media items, such as YouTube, copy and paste the website link from the service.
  7. Click the Post Thread button.

Collaboration threads are never posted to a single student. Rather, they are posted between an instructor and an entire class. The instructor serves as a moderator for all responses. To remove a response, click the X next to that response.
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