As a User Admin, what are some best practices for ordering courses and seats?

As a User Admin, what are some best practices for ordering courses and seats?

Below are some best practices to make the process of purchasing course seats run smoother.

Initial Purchase 
The first time you want to buy seats in courses, use these steps.  

Click on the Store menu
When the products appear, choose the course you want students to take.  Click on the course to make your choice. 
Notice that there are 2 products for each grade.  One product includes a pre-assessment and a post assessment for each lesson.  The second option is included for each grade to purchase courses without the pre-assessments. 

At the popup window, enter the number of seats that you need for the students in the selected course.  Do not purchase "extra" classes.  You will want to add additional course seats as you need them. 
All sales are final as outlined in our Terms of Use Returns and Cancellation Policy section.

Click Add to Cart to put the course seats in your shopping cart.  

At the next popup, click Close to go back to the store and purchase additional courses.  If you are finished making purchases, click Checkout.

If you are planning to have multiple classes per grade level, contact our support team to ensure these are setup using the easiest method.  

When you checkout, verify or enter your Account and Billing Address information associated with the payment method you are going to use.
Verify or enter your Payment Information.
Scroll down to verify all of the items you are purchasing in your cart.
When you are finished with verifying or entering information, click Place Order.  If you need to add more course seats, click on the Continue button.  

The next popup shows your Order Number and Customer ID.  It is a good idea to print this page for your records.  There is also a button that allows you to print out a receipt.  

MOST IMPORTANT on this popup is to click the "X" at the top right of this window to finalize your transaction.  If you do not click this "X", your course seats will not be added.  

Purchasing Additional Course Seats
You will see the Seat Management widget on your dashboard.  This is placed here as a convenience for you when you are assigning users to course seats.  You can also access the store from the Seat Management page to ensure that you apply the new course seats to the correct class.    
Click on the Manage Seats button to open the Seat Management page.


The Seat Management page allows you to do most of your management work.  At the Seat Management page you can:
  1. Select a specific class on the left to view information for this class.
  2. Rename your classes to more easily identify them by clicking on Edit at the of the Class Name in the middle of the page.
  3. View enrolled users or send login emails using the tabs below the Class Name.
  4. Link to the store to add more seats for existing classes by clicking +Add Seats on the right.  Notice the number of Seats Remaining so that you will know how many more seats to purchase.  This will take you to the store where you can follow the procedures listed above.
  5. Add users to course seats by clicking the +Add Users button on the right.
Click on the class name on the left before working with the class to perform the actions listed above.  

Click on the video below to see some of these best practices in action.

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