As a parish or school admin, how do I purchase courses for the new school year?

As a parish or school admin, how do I purchase courses for the new school year?

If this is your first time using My Catholic Faith Deliveredreach out to our team using this form so that we can make sure your parish or school is properly set up in My Catholic Faith Delivered before you order courses. 

Making an Initial Purchase 
  1. Navigate to My Catholic Faith Delivered in your browser –
  2. Log in using your credentials. If you do not have log in credentials for your parish or school group, reach out to our team and we’ll set up your group.
  3. After you log in, you can begin purchasing.  Locate the courses you would like your students enrolled in. You may use the categories at the top of the page to narrow your search. 


  1. When you've located the course you'd like to purchase, click on it.  You'll see the view below. 

    1. You'll notice that different purchasing options are displayed – Individual Use & New Class. If you do not see the New Class option, you must log in. If you are logged in and you still do not see the option, contact our team -
      1. Individual Use is for an individual learner. Use this option if you are buying a course for yourself. 
      2. New Class is for a group of learners. Use this option to create a class for multiple students. 
    2. To purchase courses for your parish or school group, select New Class. You will be able to rename the class in Seat Management after your purchase. 
    1. Add Seats will display as an option if you have previously purchased courses.
    1. Add the quantity of “seats” you need in your class. You'll purchase "seats" for each student you are planning to enroll. Then, click the Add to Cart button  

    1. Repeat steps above to add more classes, if necessary. 

    You can purchase different grade levels in one transaction. If you need multiple classes of the same grade level, you will purchase them in different transactions using the New Class option each time. This will generate separate classes. For example, if you need three 2nd Grade classes, you will make three transactions using the New Class option - once for each class. For a step-by-step guide on creating multiple classes in the same grade level, click here. 
  1. When you are ready to purchase, click the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Then click Checkout. 

  1. On the next page, verify information is correct and that you are checking out using the correct account. If you need to sign in as another user, do that now. Once verified, click Continue button. 

  2. Review the courses in the cart and choose the correct Group and Class where these seats will appear after purchase. 

  1. If your intention is to create a new class, choose the New Class option in the dropdown. If you’d like to add the seats to an existing class, choose that class name from the dropdown.

    1.  When you’ve reviewed your seat destinations, click the Checkout button. 


  1. On Make Payment section, pick payment method option and complete the form. If you need to be invoiced, choose Purchase Order. You will be prompted to enter a PO number, which can be created by you, and does not have to relate to a specific PO.

  1. Click Place Order button. You will be emailed a receipt of your transaction. An invoice will follow, which will enable you to pay for your purchases online. 

  1. On Order Confirmation page, click Dashboard button or Dashboard link at the top of the page to navigate to your newly purchased class(es). 

  1. On Dashboard, locate the Seat Management widget. Click Manage Seats button to begin enrolling students.  For a guide on enrolling students, click here. 

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