As a Home School parent, how do I send a login email?

As a Home School parent, how do I send a login email?

1.  To send a Welcome email to each user via the secondary email address (typically the parent's email address), return to the Seat Management page. Click the Send Emails tab.  
2. Click the checkbox next to the name(s) of some of the users in this list.  Alternatively, you can check the All checkbox to select all of the users in the list. Click Submit to send the emails.  This email will include the user's name and password.   
3.  If parental consent is not already obtained, clicking the Submit Button will send both an email with login information and as well as a second email requesting parental consent for your child to use the system.  If you want to resend the login email, follow this same process listed in the steps above.  Please contact your organization's admin for more information on this if needed.   

   After the first login and parental consent emails have been sent, only the login email can be resent from the Seat Management page.  

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